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Renzel Bañez

Renzel was born and raised in the Philippines. With a huge passion for dance, she started taking ballroom classes when she moved to Austin, Texas. Renzel loved Zumba from the first time she went to class. After several classes, she got hooked and decided to enter the teaching world in 2013. That opened up several opportunities including dancing Zumba at the Orange County Fair 2013.

As an instructor, Renzel approaches teaching with a fun-loving attitude. She is always patient and attentive, and ensuring her students are having a great time. Renzel enjoys sharing Zumba with her students and seeing them become empowered by Zumba, just as Zumba empowers her.

Lorena Boaz

Hi my name is Lorena. I was born and raised in Buenos AIres, Argentina and grew up surrounded by the beautiful rhythms of the Latin world. This was an immense influence in my love for music and dance. I've been trained in various dance formats like, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Swing, just to name a few. I came to the United States at the age of 18 when life took over and I left the dance world behind me.

I stumbled across a ZUMBA ® Fitness class in 2007, at a local gym and I was wowed! It definitely took me back to my Latin roots and dancing background. A couple of years later I decided to become a licensed instructor, and have been teaching ever since. I am a true believer of this program and everything it represents. It has changed so many lives, including mine.

As a ZUMBA ® Instructor my goal is to transfer the passion to my students and to improve lives through fitness one class at a time. ZUMBA ® Fitness is without a doubt the easiest and most fun way to get into shape. This is a class for anybody and everybody; you don’t need to be a professional dancer. All levels are welcome. So come and join the party, all you have to do is follow my lead and have fun!


Diane LaVoie

Diane started dancing at the age of 4. She studied a wide range of dances such as tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, acrobatics, and all types of ballroom. She became interested in Zumba fitness and started taking classes a few years ago. Her passion and enthusiasm for the high paced, fun exercise classes led her to become an instructor in December 2013. Join her for an exciting workout today!

















Nadine Velastegu

In October 2012 I tried Zumba for the first time and became hooked after my first class.  I grew up with three brothers and have always played competitive sports – basketball, tennis, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, beach volleyball, marathons and triathlons.  Zumba is the first exercise program that I have a smile on my face thought the entire session.  Plus, I get more of a workout than any other sports I have done in the past.  I workout my entire body from head to toe and am having a blast the whole time.  Being a middle school math teacher – I love teaching in general. Teaching is a passion and I wake up every day excited to teach – whether it be math or Zumba!  It’s exciting to know that I can motivate and encourage others to be healthy – while having fun in the process.







Analia Valdez

I am from Argentina and lived here in California for 13 years. I Am Married and have 3 Kids. Dancing is something that I loved since I was little. As a child I took Ballet classes, Flamenco and Folcklore. Growing up i went to the gym to do aerobics, played volleyball and enjoyed exercise. I participated in aerobics and dance competitions at school. Later on enrolled at university to became a Physical Education Teacher in Argentina because I moved here I did not  finish my career .  Working with Kids is my other Passion so I decided to pursue Child development classes and became a Pre-school teacher. Thanks to Zumba I could enjoy doing what i loved too i got certified as a Zumba Instructor on July of 2012. Since then I worked with different groups of friends and neighbors to gain experienced and later dediced to teach my classes at Dance studios. I have been teaching very energetic fitness oriented classes. I am not a professional Dancer but Zumba gave me the tools to discover the beauty of dance. I enjoy the smiles of my students and the contagious energy. I hope you will enjoy it too.

Soy de Argentina y vivo en California hace 13 años. Soy Casada y tengo 3 hijos. Bailar es algo que he disfrutado desde que era niña. Desde entonces tome classes de Ballet, Flamenco y Folcklore. A medida que fui creciendo fui al gimnasio a hacer aerobics, jugue volleyball y disfrute hacer ejercicio. He participado en competencias de aerobics y baile en mi escuela. Mas tarde me registre en la Universidad de Educación Física en Argentina, el moverme aquí no me permitió terminar mi Carrera. Trabajar con niños es mi otra pasion entonces decidí estudiar para Maestra Pre-escolar. Gracias a Zumba tambien puedo disfrutar tambien del baile, me certifique como instructora de Zumba en Julio de 2012. Desde entonces he trabajado con grupos de Amigas y Vecinas para adquirir experiencia y mas tarde decidí enseñar en estudios de baile. He estado enseñando clases llena de energía y orientadas en exercisios efectivos. No soy bailarina professional pero Zumba me dió las herramientas para descubrir la belleza del baile. Yo disfruto las sonrisas de mis estudiantes y su energia contagiosa. Y espero que tu tambien.